2G Mixed Switch Antique Brass 1T1D

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Product Description -

Corston mixed plate configurations allows you to have a combination of toggles and dimmers on the same plate.

All hardware is machined from solid brass which gives a superb level of detail and weight. The plate is also pressed from 1.5mm solid brass sheet. Finished in antique brass, the parts will gain patina and improve in character over their long life.

Five switch types are available; Normal two-way, Retractive, Double Pole, and intermediate  switch options.  Retractive switches should be used when on the same circuit as a Corston dimmer. They can also be used for momentary applications like doorbell switches. Double Pole, Intermediate switches and Two-Position Retractive switches are available on the spares page.

There are two types of Corston dimmers. Both give market leading silent performance and can be used on LED’s and incandescent bulbs.  Both dimming modules allow the minimum brightness of the bulbs to be programmed to avoid LED flickering at low brightness. They can also be programmed for trailing or leading edge modes to keep the bulbs in optimum condition.

Dimmer - Digital. The switch is tremendously tactile with short travel on/off, and turns with satisfying notches. It needs to be combined with retractive toggle switches to control the same bulb from multiple locations. The connected toggle switches can also dim and turn the light on/off.

3-250W LED 10-350W incandescent bulbs 

Dimmer – Two Way.  This switch has a longer button travel.  It needs to be combined with two-way or intermediate toggle switches to control the same light from multiple locations.  The connected toggle switches can turn the light on/off 

5-150W LED 10-400W incandescent bulbs 

  • Combine with Corston an in-line dimmer module to allow toggle switch dimming. Find out more >
  • Antique brass takes 1-3 months to darken and mature. Photography shows products at 1 month old.
  • Corston Antique Brass products are hand finished at our Wiltshire headquarters on a per order basis. Please allow an extra 5 days from order date for the finishing process.
  • All hardware is made from solid brass for a very tactile feel
  • The Toggle / Dimmer switch plate sits 1.5mm from the wall
  • Secured with a metal ring without visible tool marks
  • Normal two-way toggle switches can be installed as 1-way or 2-way operation
  • Retractive modules can be installed with Corston dimmers in many multi-gang configurations
  • Toggle Switches rated to 20A
  • 20AX 250V
  • Complies with BSEN60669-1
  • All dimmers have built in thermal and short circuit protection
  • Minimum brightness can be set, which avoids any bulb flicker
  • Trailing or leading edge dimming control. Trailing edge is the default setting and is recommended to prolong LED life
  • Soft start operation which protects the bulbs
  • Two dimmers cannot be combined to control the same light. Use toggle switches in combination with a dimmer switch
  • We recommend a 35-45mm deep back box
  • IEC EN60669 Compliant
  • 230-250V~50Hz
  • For complete fitting details please read the instructions PDF below
  • Dimensions; h86mm x w86mm xd45mm. Dimmer height is 20mm
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2G Mixed Switch Antique Brass 1T1D

Code: 2936


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2G Mixed Switch Antique Brass 1T1D


In Stock

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