Our recycling journey so far

When we first set about establishing Corston, we knew we wanted (and needed) to work as hard as possible to reduce our impact on the environment.  

We recognise it’s not something that can be done overnight: there’s always more to do. But we’re well on our way.  

Watch the video to find out about our fully recycled plastic back boxes or keep scrolling for more on the sustainable materials we use.   
Post-consumer plastic
We’re leading the way in the industry by using only recycled plastic for our plasterboard back boxes.  

Part of the reason it’s virtually unheard of is because it takes a lot more work. Plastic loses some of its strength when it’s recycled, so you’ve got to put in plenty of development and testing to create a product that’s still up to the job.  

And yes, because of that, it does cost more. We think it’s worth it though.  

Our back boxes are made from polypropylene – a fully recycled plastic that’s innovatively formed from waste bottle lids, screw caps and the like.  

It’s GRS (Global Recycled Standard) 4.0-certified, which means the recycled content’s been verified, and responsible social, environmental and chemical practices are used in the process.  

And it’s recyclable too, so even though your back box is designed to last, if you do replace it, it doesn’t need to end up in landfill. Simply take it along to your nearest recycling centre.  
Solid brass
Almost all our other products are made from solid brass, a durable metal that will last a lifetime.
It’s also a fully sustainable, infinitely recyclable material. So, anything left over after our production is recycled, not wasted.

Recycling brass uses less energy and produces fewer carbon emissions than recycling other metals like steel or aluminium.

It won’t lose any of its chemical or physical properties in the process either, meaning recycled brass is just as high-quality as the newly manufactured stuff, and it’s much better for the environment.
Plastic-free packaging
We only use naturally coloured recycled card for our boxes and keep everything sealed with water-activated paper tape.  

And to protect our products from scratches, we use tissue paper wrapping.