Environmental Policy

Made to last

There’s always more to do, but at Corston we’re doing everything in our power to minimise our products’ impact on the environment. The process is on-going, and under constant evaluation, but these are the steps we are currently taking to do things in a more sustainable and eco conscious way. Like slow fashion, making products that are not designed to be thrown away is one of the best ways we can help protect the environment long-term. Extra care is taken in the design and production phase to ensure the materials chosen are the most durable possible for the application. Plastics are avoided wherever possible, and only used when there is no alternative. This often means investing in better engineering, materials and processes to ensure the longest product life spans currently achievable.

Circular Economy

The majority of our products are made from pure, solid brass, which is extremely recyclable with a high value. During the production process all excess material is recycled, and our brass products are also easily recycled again when they eventually reach end of life. Corston works with manufacturers from around the globe, which is part of the reason we can offer such exceptional value. However, we don’t take our carbon footprint lightly, and only ship using low-sulphur modern ships, while keeping air freight to an absolute minimum. Final assembly and finishing is conducted at our Wiltshire headquarters.

Plastic Free Packaging

Our aim is to exclude all single use plastics from our packaging and we’re extremely close to achieving this goal. The vast majority of our products are protected with bags made from recycled fabric and then packaged in recycled structural card that is unbleached and with minimal printing. Plastic packaging tape is particularly damaging, so we have replaced it with water activated paper tape. We’re confident that it won’t be long before our products will be sent out in packaging that is 100% free from single-use plastic. Watch this space!