Environmental Policy

Corston products are designed to minimise impact to the environment. The process of manufacturing anything has a long journey with many opportunities to do things in a more sustainable way, and embrace long term thinking. Some of the ways we have approached the challenge are;

The products are designed to be used for a very long time, as far as we can get from disposable items. Extra care is taken in the design and production phase to ensure that the correct materials are used. This often means investing in better engineering, materials and processed to ensure longer product life. Plastics are kept to a minimum and only used where alternatives are not available.

Many of the products are made from pure brass. This material is extremely recyclable, with high value. During the production process all excess material is recycled, and at the end of the products life recycling is equally straightforward. Low impact finishing processes are used without any harmful chemicals.

Corston works with manufacturers from around the world. This is part of the reason we are able to offer stunning value. Our products are shipped using low-sulphur modern ships. We keep air freight to an absolute minimum. Final assembly and finishing is conducted at our Wiltshire office.

All card packaging is already recycled. The majority of this card is natural colour with minimal printing. The means water, bleach and ink consumption are kept to a minimum. Plastic tape is particularly damaging so we have replaced it with water activated paper tape.

Our aim is to exclude all single use plastics from our packaged products. We have achieved this on the majority of our products, putting effort into structural card packaging. Many of the products are protected with fabric bags that have already been recycled before.