Made to last

We take extra care to make sure the materials we use are of the best quality and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Rather than making lights with built-in LED chips (a common approach in the industry), we engineer ours so that they look great and use standard bulbs. This means that when your LED eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, instead of replacing the entire light fitting, you just need to change the bulb.

Recycling our packaging

Our packaging can be recycled where infrastructure and access to paper and cardboard recycling exist.

Recycling rules vary between countries, regions and areas. We encourage you to check with your local authority to find out how to correctly dispose of our recyclable packaging.

Material identification codes
Our packaging features recycling codes (triangular symbols with chasing arrows).

The codes show that our boxes are made of cardboard (PAP 21) and, to increase the structural integrity of the boxes for transport in some cases, corrugated cardboard (PAP 20). PAP 22 means there will be paper-based packaging inside the box.

PAP 20, 21 and 22 materials are widely recyclable.

Electrical products and batteries

Electrical items and batteries should be disposed of separately from other types of waste (a requirement by EU legislation).

We encourage you to check with your local authority to find out how to correctly sort and dispose of these items.

Plastic-free packaging
From the very beginning, we’ve always used plastic-free packaging. But sending delicate items using only cardboard is a challenge.

We’ve created our own carboard structures to protect our products in the best, and most responsible, way.

They’re designed and cut out with advanced CNC box cutting machines (something that’s usually used to make highly accurate bespoke boxes). Again, it’s not something you’ll come across very often in the industry.

Our products are wrapped in tissue paper to protect them from any scratches and the boxes are sealed with water-activated paper tape.

Circular economy

We manufacture from solid brass, a sustainable material that can be infinitely recycled.

Where we use plastic, we use a mix of new and recycled post-consumer plastic (with 70-100% recycled content). It’s a more expensive material, it’s harder to use, and it’s the result of a lot of development. It’s not the norm in the industry, but it’s normal for us.

In 2022, we planted four acres of native woodland at our Wiltshire HQ.

Using Woodland Carbon Code methodology, it’s estimated that our trees and shrubs will capture 600 tonnes of CO2 over the next 100 years.  

Our purpose-built HQ

We designed and built our head office ourselves to a high eco specification.

It’s insulated way beyond benchmark standards, and it’s heated and cooled with solar assisted heat pumps. This means it’s a really low-energy space to run.

Last-mile deliveries
Around 20% of our orders are delivered by electric vehicles. It’s a percentage that will continue to grow as the technology develops.