Our Story

We make your home renovations projects a little easier. The tactile parts of a home that you interact with everyday are really important, so we think they should be done right. We take time to design and develop these products ourselves. This is a process that takes a lot of time, and effort from a large dedicated team. We hope that the effect of this process is that we have an enticing collection or products that really add to the ensemble effect of a room.

We set out to make timeless products. We don’t take much notice of trends or make products that will be out of favour in a few years. When we are considering concepts and designs we want them to last a really long time. From an aesthetic perspective we spend a lot of time considering proportion and size. We like simplifying products as much as possible, but taking care to avoid removing character.

Product Design Is At The Heart Of Corston

As an online business we have no restrictions on when we can launch products. Our product development plan is extremely busy, with new product launches throughout the year every month.

Concepts and ideas vary greatly in their complexity, so they can take anywhere from 4-24 months to develop and bring to life. The beauty of an online business is that we have a direct relationship with our customers, and so can understand exactly who we are designing products for. This is a relationship we don’t take for granted and want to nurture and develop as the company grows.


There is continuity between ranges and product types. This means handles will match switches, and latches will match hooks; the products will all work together. We work with global suppliers to make our designs, then we make final finishing, assembly and dispatch from our warehouse.

We hope that you love the products as much as we do, and consider them for your next build or decoration project. We believe they will serve you well, and hopefully take a little bit of stress out of finding fantastic fittings.

Environmental Policy

Many of the products are made from pure brass. This material is extremely recyclable, with high value. During the production process all excess material is recycled, and at the end of the products life recycling is equally straightforward. We work with manufacturers from around the world. This is part of the reason we are able to offer stunning value.

Our products are shipped using low-sulphur modern ships. We keep air freight to an absolute minimum. Final assembly and finishing is conducted at our Wiltshire office.

We Are Aiming For Plastic Free Future

All card packaging is already recycled. The majority of this card is natural colour with minimal printing. The means water, bleach and ink consumption are kept to a minimum. Plastic tape is particularly damaging so we have replaced it with water activated paper tape.

Our aim is to exclude all single use plastics from our packaged products. We have achieved this on the majority of our products, putting effort into structural card packaging. Many of the products are protected with fabric bags that have already been recycled before.