Materials & Finishes

We use a lot of brass in the manufacture of Corston products. For tactile items that need to be durable we believe it’s the best choice. There are cheaper alternate base metals like zinc, aluminium and steel but these don’t offer the unique features of brass. The most noticeable property is the products weight. They feel heavy and robust, feeling reassuringly satisfying to twist and hold. As the parts age they will attract patina and improve.


Our darkest finish, Corston Bronze was specially developed to achieve the perfect blend of richness and depth. A luxurious tone that will work beautifully in both contemporary and traditional homes, this unique Bronze finish is applied by hand, giving each piece subtle definition and character. After a long period of use, the natural brass colour can softly emerge, especially on the areas you touch most frequently, lending additional warmth and interest. Cleaning our Bronze finish couldn’t be easier – just wipe over with a clean, lint free soft cloth.

Antique Brass

Corston Antique Brass is designed to look as though it has been slowly aging for several decades and will easily pass as an original period feature in your home. Made to order, each piece is carefully hand-antiqued in-house by our skilled finishing team. Slight variation in tone and patina is deliberate and adds authenticity. This is an unlacquered, ‘living’ finish that will continue to develop and darken in time. Using a metal polish, like Brasso, will restore the original bright brass finish and restart the aging process again.

Polished Unlacquered Brass

Corston Polished Unlacquered Brass boasts beautiful golden tones that will add colour and warmth. It is purposefully left un-coated, allowing the raw brass to develop and patina in time and use. We love the ever-changing uniqueness and character of our unlacquered brass finish, but it can also be restored to the bright, polished look of box-fresh brass using a metal polish, like Brasso. General cleaning should be done with a clean, lint-free soft cloth.

Polished Lacquered Brass

Corston Polished Lacquered Brass captures the inherent warmth that makes brass so popular and prevents it from tarnishing. After hand polishing, the surface is protected with a semi-gloss Electrophoretic lacquer, which is a durable resin coating that is baked on and far superior to spray lacquers. Lacquered brass is perfect for those who want a more uniform finish that doesn’t age or patina. You can easily maintain our lacquered brass with a clean, lint-free soft cloth but please avoid using chemical cleaners or abrasive polishes.

Polished Nickel

Corston Polished Nickel is a sophisticated choice that’s warmer than chrome but just as durable. A firm favourite in classical homes, polished nickel can also bring a crisp, clean look to contemporary spaces, and is a timeless finish that will never date. The nickel-plating process provides protection and stability, so this smart finish won’t age or patina in time. To maintain a clean, bright finish, simply wipe with a clean, lint-free soft cloth.