Materials & Finishes

We use a lot of brass in the manufacture of Corston products. For tactile items that need to be durable we believe it’s the best choice. There are cheaper alternate base metals like zinc, aluminium and steel but these don’t offer the unique features of brass. The most noticeable property is the products weight. They feel heavy and robust, feeling reassuringly satisfying to twist and hold. As the parts age they will attract patina and improve.

Polished Brass Lacquered

Corston polished brass finish is a classic finish that looks great against dark joinery and natural timbers. The polished brass is protected with a semi-gloss Electrophoretic lacquer. This is a hardwearing resin that is baked onto brass giving a long lasting protection. To keep your brass clean we recommend regular polishing with a good quality brass polish and a soft cloth. Please avoid using chemical cleaners or abrasive polishes.

Polished Brass Unlacquered

Corston Unlacquered Brass is left un-coated and un-protected. This will allow the brass to develop and age on its own, gradually darkening in colour. If you wish to retain a bright, polished effect we recommend the products are regularly cleaned with brass polish and a soft cloth.

Antique Brass

Corston Antique Brass is designed to look as though it has been an original part of the home for many years. This lived-in look is achieved by hand at our Wiltshire headquarters. Each piece is individually hand finished, but left unlacquered to continue to age over time. Made on a per order basis, each piece will vary slightly in character but will retain a rich antique look and feel. The finish will continue to age and darken over time. If polished with brasso or metal polish, the natural bright brass colour will return and start the aging process again. This develops a lovely patina over time.


Rich & chocolatey, the Corston bronze finish, looks great in both contemporary and traditional homes. The bronze finish is achieved with a chemical process that is applied to solid brass by hand. Each piece will vary slightly in character with subtle marks within it. After a very long period of use the natural brass colour can work through to subtlety revealing the warmth of the brass below. To clean your bronze hardware We recommend you simply wipe it over with a clean, lint free, soft cloth to remove any residual build-up of dust and dirt on the product.

Polished Nickel

Corston, polished nickel is a clean and classic finish that makes it a quality choice in both traditional and modern properties. Nickel has a warmer yellow colour, whereas chrome is cooler and blue in colour. It is not lacquered as the Nickel plating is the protective layer. Our bright nickel finish is maintained by regularly wiping it over with a clean, lint free, soft cloth to remove any residual build-up of dust and dirt on the product.