How to choose between our metal finishes

Our quick guide will help you pick the perfect Corston finish for your home.

Until recently, the main options for finishes were chrome for modern homes or black cast iron for traditional settings.

Now, the choices are virtually endless. 

Which can prove overwhelming. 

It doesn’t help that different companies use different words to mean the same thing. Often, one Antique Brass or Polished Nickel might look very different to another. 

At Corston, we like to offer enough choice to satisfy different tastes without overcomplicating matters. 

And best of all, our finishes will match no matter which product line you choose from. 
In a nutshell

There’s no right or wrong finish for your home's fittings, but its architectural heritage will often lend itself to a particular finish. 

Period properties from the Victorian era and earlier are well-suited to Antique Brass, as it looks most like an original feature.

Polished Nickel has a refined elegance well-matched to Regency-style properties and townhouses, while the depth of a dark finish like Bronze can be particularly striking in modern homes.

Bronze is our darkest finish, but it’s warmer than plain black. 

Though it’s our most contemporary finish, it has a richness and depth that makes it a flexible choice for any period or style of property. 

In time, the natural brass colour will gradually show through where the metal’s most frequently touched, giving it unique character. 

Antique Brass

Antique Brass is slightly darker than untreated brass, with more tonal variation. 

We love it for its ‘bedded in’ look in classical properties; it’s a finish that’ll feel perfectly at home from day one. 

It reacts to the air and moisture around it and darkens over the first three months, especially in the areas you touch it most. 

And, even straight out the box, it’ll have an antique-y feel, as we start the ageing process by hand in our workshop. 
Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel is a sophisticated choice with warmer undertones than chrome – but just as durable. 

A firm favourite in traditional homes, it can also bring a crisp, clean look to contemporary spaces. And it’s a timeless finish that’ll never date. 

We use a high-quality nickel-plating process to provide protection and colour consistency, ensuring our Polished Nickel finish won’t oxidise or patina.
Can I mix finishes?

We firmly believe that matching architectural details have the power to harmonise a home. That’s why all our collections coordinate. 

That said, there’s no need to obsess over matching every single metal finish in your home. 

One of the main rooms people worry about is the kitchen. 

Just because your fridge or tap is stainless steel, it doesn’t mean all your cabinet doors should have handles in stainless steel. 

If most of your hardware is one finish, a few anomalies won’t register. What’s more, deliberately using a different handle finish – like on a standalone piece of furniture – is a great way to add interest and personality.

The easiest way to pick your perfect finish is to order samples. Colours and textures can look different on-screen, and it’s useful to see how each one looks against everything else in your home. They’re available to buy as a full set or individually here