In the making: our new HQ and workshop

It’s been our biggest behind-the-scenes project to date. And now we’re moving in.

In the making: our new HQ and workshop 
When we set up Corston back in 2019, we were a team of just three. But over the last four years, we’ve grown and grown, and today, there are more than sixty of us.

It’s no surprise, then, that our current home, located on a Wiltshire farm, is bursting at the seams.

With the knowledge that we were fast filling our humble HQ with the best new products and team members, some time ago, we sat down and started to plan for the future.
A new home to call our own
We decided to design and build a brand-new, bespoke base; a high-performance building that would be incredibly energy efficient.

Somewhere that would give us a good grounding for future investment in product design and manufacturing. And that would help us attract the finest talent, and let us look after our customers in the most effective, responsive ways.

Before long, we found just the right site for the build, with 4700 square metres of space, and only a stone’s throw from our current location.

We’ve since worked on all design aspects of the project – right down to the custom-built desks and lamps. We’re in the business of details, after all.
Our new workshop is much larger and more dynamic. It means we can assemble, pick and pack products (and process returns) with even greater speed.

It also means we have ample room to house our collections as they continue to evolve and expand.

And we’re heating the whole area gently and efficiently using underfloor heating.

Likewise, our new workspace will give us greater creative freedom not only to develop and engineer new products, but to photograph and video them – even to write about them.

For now, it’s not quite finished. But we’ve passed the halfway point, and crucially, our workshop team – and all our products – have made the move.

Over the coming weeks and months, the rest of us will follow, and before long every team, from product design and operations to finance and marketing, will be housed under our new (solar-panelled) roof.