Pairing our finishes with paint colours

The perfect paint pairings for each of our three finishes.

Pairing our finishes with paint colours
Easy-to-live-with colours, eco-formulas and recycled packaging: Coat’s a paint brand that ticks all our boxes.  

The founders, Rob and Rob, believe choosing colours shouldn’t be complicated.  

It’s a sentiment we share.  

Our collaboration brings you carefully curated paint colours from Coat cherry-picked to complement our Bronze, Antique Brass and Polished Nickel finishes.  

Use just one or two shades from your preferred palette or combine all three to form a scheme for any room. The choice is yours.  
Bronze, Pampas, Cargo & Debate Club  
Bronze is our darkest and boldest finish. Of the three, it’s the one that’ll stand out the most.  

Yet though it’s dark, with time, it’ll age (a reaction to being handled) to reveal the tangible warmth of the solid brass below.  

A neutral, earthy paint palette is ideal for adding complementary depth and a calming, organic feel.  

Pampas is a great starting point for this – and almost any – scheme. It’s a bright, clean off-white with yellow and green undertones that stop it from feeling cold.  

Then there’s Cargo, a mid-tone, traditional greige with a trace of green that gives a really relaxed look.  

Debate Club completes the grouping with its yellow, green, brown and grey hints that work together to create a greige that’s a little deeper and more dramatic than Cargo.  
Antique Brass, Good Intentions, Gumption & Modest 
Like Bronze, Antique Brass will darken as a reaction to its environment – a process we start by hand in our Wiltshire workshop.  

It means it’ll look less new from the off, which is great for easily achieving a traditional feel at home.  

The classical warmth of this finish works best with paint colours that share a similar tone and mood.   A warm taupe like Good Intentions is endlessly versatile and helps to create an instantly inviting and cossetting space.  

Gumption will add sophistication and a spirited moodiness to the scheme. It’s another shade of taupe, but one that meets black for a much richer, darker finish.  

Modest, meanwhile, is Coat’s quiet off-white, created specifically to sit alongside taupe shades. It’s bright but grounded and the perfect partner to Good Intentions and Gumption, and our Antique Brass finish.  
Polished Nickel, Just, Barely, Margot & Adulting  
Bright and shiny it may well be, but Polished Nickel’s refined too, with an underlying but perceptible warmth that you don’t get from chrome.  

What’s more, it looks perfectly at home in any home, whether classic or contemporary.  

Lighter, soft neutrals, like warm grey-white Just, Barely, and Margot, Coat’s characterful grey, will create a calming effect just as timeless and versatile as Polished Nickel itself.  

Completing this scheme is Adulting, a deep greyed teal that’s well-suited to creating dramatic contrast. Yet though it packs a punch, rest assured, it’s also a great all-rounder for any number of different styles and spaces.  

Explore our complete collection in all three finishes online, and discover all the shades in Coat’s paint library here.