Spindle Fixing Kit
We are continually improving Corston products and striving for excellent long term service to all of our customers. If you’ve had issues with your door handles becoming loose, we now have an improvement kit. The reengineered spindle provides a grip ensuring your handle stays securely attached to your door for years to come. It should take less than a minute to update the spindle on each door. Whilst we cannot offer a fitting service, we would like to support you by providing free upgrade kits to anyone who would like them.

How to replace your spindle:
  1. Remove the old spindle
  2. Insert the grip spindle
  3. Reattach the door handle or knob
  4. Tighten the grub screw
If the handle is loose - Rotate the spindle 90°
If the handle is tight - Loosen the grub screw