Welcome to the Georgian townhouse of rugby player turned sports pundit David Flatman. Spread over five floors and a stone’s throw from Bath’s Royal Crescent, the home is now (after a complete renovation) the perfect blend of family-friendly and modern luxury.

Watch our interview with David (or ‘Flats’ as he’s usually known) above, or keep scrolling for the highlights.

‘Corston products, for me – it’s like when you get the door handles or the cupboard handles, you get them out and they’re heavy. They weigh quite a lot.

'And, of course, you’re not going to be walking around holding them, they’re going to be screwed into a door, but there is a lot of quality there.'
‘I want something I can use properly. I can whack it around for the next ten, twenty years, and I feel confident it’s going to remain in good nick. And it might even look better in ten years when it’s been beaten up a bit.

‘I wanted to buy good quality items once, and I didn’t want to replace them in five years or ten years. I want them to be here for a very long time.'
‘There’s a sort of a sense of responsibility for the next people that buy it.

‘You want people to arrive and say, these people did things properly, and Corston is doing things properly.'
‘There are lots of people in this house, and if you have something gloss and immaculate, it very quickly won’t be immaculate.

‘So, we went Antique Brass because it looks wicked, and it looks class when it’s cleaned, and it looks class when it’s covered in fingerprints and olive oil and yoghurt and dirt!’ 
‘When there’s plugs and light switches and door handles that are actually really high quality and they’ve been really well thought about and they’re properly considered additions, I think that elevates the whole place.’
‘We use that stuff all the time. This is not a hidden expense.

‘I haven’t bought it to show off to my mates that I’ve got nice light switches that feel nice when you use them. It’s for me because I live here and I like them.’